Partners of Solar Lighting

selux US 

Selux US Solar light­ing prod­ucts were designed to offer one of the most impres­sive and well-designed sys­tems avail­able. An advanced Energy Man­age­ment System (EMS) is the heart of the system — it allows for custom oper­at­ing pro­files, Max­i­mum Power-Point Track­ing (MPT), Run Time Exten­sion (RTE), and Wire­less Pro­gram­ming. All major com­po­nents includ­ing lumi­naire, PV mod­ules, and bat­ter­ies are con­stantly mon­i­tored to ensure reli­able oper­a­tion.

Meteor Lighting

No Wiring is needed with Barrier-free installation anywhere with sunlight exposure. Aesthetics & efficiency with Low profile contemporary design solar light with smart illumination. No trenching or re-paving is necessary and no outside wiring or transformer.


They make lighting systems, for indoors and outdoors, that respond to the needs of the general public, of companies, of councils, in Italy and in the world. 


High-Efficiency solar-powered outdoor lights.
They are pathing the future of outdoor lighting, helping you to think off the grid. Our mission is to provide reliable, long-lasting, solar-powered lamps that will enhance any space brightly and tastefully.


Since the foundation of the company in 2001, hei has evolved into a global leader in providing highly efficient solar lighting products.